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Uncle Albert [ 1a ] Mak-Leek, Inc. [ 90 cm ] A striking display of deep yellow heavily spotted blooms with deeper golden yellow from mid petal to throat.  [M]
Fall [ #Unc 50 ] [ $5.50 ]  Look at a Picture?

White Ballerina  [ 1b ] E. A. McRae [ 85 cm ] Medium sized white blooms with greenish yellow throat and bright orange pollen.[M]
[ #Whi 32 ] [ $5.50 ]  Look at a Picture?

White Gold [ 1c ] C. F. Patterson [ 1m ] Pale orange yellow to appear creamy coloured. Blooms have dark red-black spots. Strong stems. [M]
Fall [ #Whi 35 ] [ $6.00 ] Look at a Picture?

White Lace [ 1b-c ] Columbia –Platte [ 90 cm ] This lily strain has ivory white flowers speckled with deep rose coloured  markings which come from its L. lankongense parent. [M]
Fall [ #Whi 45 ] [ $8.00 ]   Look at a Picture?

White Princess [ 1c ] C. F. Patterson [ 1.2m ] Creamy white with fine purple spots. A welcome addition to the perennial border. [M]
Fall [ #Whi 60 ] [ $6.00 ] Look at a Picture?

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