Asiatic and Hybrid Lily bulbs and Perennial Plants

Pixies and Short Asiatics

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Crimson Pixie [ 1a ] E.A. McRae [ 40 cm ] This short lily holds its vivid orange red unspotted flowers proudly on strong stems. This one is recommended for container & rock garden plantings or for the front of the perennial border. [M]
Fall [ #Cri 50 ] [ $6.00 ]  Look at a Picture?

Orange Pixie [ 1a ] E. A. McRae [ 40cm ] Flowers are orange (with a hint of red) without spots. [M]
Fall [ #Ora 70 ] [ $5.00 ] Look at a Picture?

Yellow Pixie [ 1a ] [ 30 cm ] Bright yellow flowers on short strong stems. [M]
 Fall [ #Yel 58 ] [ $5.00 ] or [ 3 for $13.00 ] Look at a Picture?

Yum Yum [ 1a ] [ 50 cm ] Deep rosy pink petals accented with white on lower third of the petals and lots of spots make this lily a gem in the garden. [M]
Fall [ #Yum 58 ] [ $6.00 ] Look at a Picture?

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