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2010 Catalogue

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Thanks to all for the support you have given us during these years. We look forward to serving you again this year.

The Lilies listed here are mostly Asiatic Hybrids and are hardy for our climate. Also, included in this catalogue are Martagon hybrids Division II; Species lily varieties which fall into Division IX; inter-divisional crosses the LA hybrids, Orientpets; and Trumpet hybrids (hardy in our Hillcrest garden located in zone 2a).

Visits and Tours:

We invite you to visit us during the blooming season and tour our lily fields and flower beds. Bus tours are welcome. Please call to arrange for bus tour dates & times. We have picnic facilities. Phone 306-896-2992

Business Hours:

July 25 to August 3 we are open from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Tuesday to Saturday; 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM on Sundays. ALL OTHER TIMES by appointment only.

If your hours do not coincide with ours we ask that you call ahead so we may be available to assist you. Phone 306-896-2992

Dates to Remember 2010
March 21 SSLS Spring Seminar, Neil Balkwell Centre
April 17 MRLS Spring Seminar, Holiday Inn Airport West,
2520 Portage Ave. Winnipeg
July 3, 4 ARLS Martagon Show, Devonian Botanic Gardens
July 7-11 NALS Show Mars, Pennsylvania

July 11 SSLS Martagon Display, Golden Mile Shopping Centre
July 11 MRLS Martagon Show
July 16, 17  CPLS Show 134 Primrose Drive, Saskatoon
July 25, 26 ARLS Lily Show Westmount Mall, Edmonton.
July 23-25 Neepawa Lily Festival
July 22, 23, 24 SSLS Lily Show, Golden Mile Centre
July 25 to August 3 Hillcrest Harmony Flowers Garden Tours

For a copy of our paper catalogue (Canadian Residents only) send $2.00 to

Hillcrest Harmony Flowers,
Box 24, Churchbridge, Sask.
Canada, S0A 0M0

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There are a lot of different lawns, but there's no such thing as the "perfect lawn". Each kind has its own advantages and disadvantages. Whether your objectives are to have a plain lawn, plant new ones or to cover disturbing patches, here are some of the tips and tricks for you to achieve the right lawn for your garden:

Identifying Garden Soil

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Warm or Cool?

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Some examples of the lawn seeds that you should get are:

  • Kentucky Blue Grass - a popular cool season seed that can maintain its growing condition without damaging its fine quality
  • Augustine grass - this seed is ideal for some humid places as it has heat resistant abilities but does not go well with cool temperature
  • Bermuda Grass - it is a low maintenance type of grass because it can handle droughts well, but placing it in shady areas can damage it


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One of the things that could greatly affect the ambiance of your bedroom is the flower that you choose to display in them. To help you in choosing the flowers to put in your bedroom vase, here-s a short guide.


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Geranium is an herbaceous plant that has variegated leaves. It is often shown to grow in the containers of the garden. However, it can perfectly complement any bedroom with a white wall. It also has the advantage of becoming a mosquito repellant.


This kind of flower has a 2-4 inch colorful leaf you can use to decorate your room and bring it to life. Its vibrant color makes it one of the most iconic flowers in Hawaii.


It is a flower that blooms in all seasons, and it is a beautiful petite plant. The scent of this plant is sweet. Chamomile also creates that relaxed atmosphere, which can help in getting people to sleep.

Peace Lily

This flower has lush foliage, and it can be easily maintained. It goes well in dark places as it does not need to be always exposed to the sun. The moisture it brings out can increase the humidity of the room. Peace Lily can also prevent toxic air from contaminating your bedroom.


It-s always great to be able to invite guests over for a small gathering or just to hang out in your home. The problem is that all of us always want to impress guests by presenting a decent, if not marvelous, living room. Thus, we get stressed.

This year, try going natural and use flowers as your living room decors. Flowers give that warm and inviting feeling which guests will surely love. Here are some of the flowers recommended to impress the guests:

Gerbera Daisies

This type of flower can create a cheerful and joyous atmosphere because of its colorful appearance. It can easily complement any decors, too. Thus, you-ll have a little problem positioning it.


An exotic flower that blooms every February or March, Clivia-s petals are somewhat orange, red, yellow, or a mixture of all. It-s easy for people to be stunned by its beauty. This flower can also tolerate cool or dry conditions of a room. Many people who buy a value for money recliner will also spend a little more to make the room smell nice too.


This luxurious flower has a beautifully sculptured body that can help define rarity and refinement in any living room. In Feng Shui, this plant is said to have a healing energy, which may be able to bring good luck towards the home.

African Violet

This plant is easy to maintain and can bloom pretty flowers anytime. It comes in different varieties of colors, so you can mix and match these flowers with others. It will definitely complement the ambiance of your home and welcome your guests with a wonderful smell.

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