Asiatic and Hybrid Lily bulbs and Perennial Plants

Triploid and Tetraploid Asiatic Hybrids

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If you are a lily grower and would like to try your hand at hybridizing you may want to include some these in your program.
Triploid lilies have three times the normal haploid set of chromosomes with tetraploid lilies having four times the normal haploid set of chromosomes.
This characteristic is exhibited in the plant with enhanced substance in the flower petals and stronger stems and heavier foliage.

Gran Paradiso [ 1a ] Vletter & Den Haan [ 1m ] Heavily textured cup-shaped flowers of orange-red give a fluorescent appearance to the area of the garden where this lily is planted. Flowers are unspotted and are long lasting in arangements. [EM]
Fall [ #Gra 50 ] [ $6.00 ]  Look at a Picture?

Super Nova [ 1a ] Cebeco [ 90 cm ] Large blooms of bronzed orange, with no spots, are held proudly by strong stems. [M]
 Fall [ #Sup 30 ] [ $6.00 ] or [ 3 for $15.00 ]  Look at a Picture?

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